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Tariffs on the disposal of solid waste from the population, organizations and enterprises of Tashkent, according to the state production management "Mahsustrans" are set to increase from 1 September 2017.
Three-month long Programme for start-up initiatives of youth kicked off on 21 August. The second round of the Programme saw 40 startup projects from all over Uzbekistan.
Today, on August 22, the plant JSC "GM Uzbekistan" in the city of Asaka has started annual planned maintenance work.
In order to create favorable conditions for sustainable development of domestic production of high quality finished products, promote exports, meet the consumer demand of the population of the Republic, to prevent unjustified price rises in the domestic consumer market, and to provide producers of the Republic with raw materials, not produced in the country or produced in insufficient quantities, the head of state adopted a decision "On measures for further streamlining of foreign economic activity of the Republic of Uzbekistan".
The President of Uzbekistan adopted a Decree "On establishment of State Fund for support of entrepreneurship". The document is aimed at further strengthening the financial support of private entrepreneurship, especially micro and small enterprises, creating favorable conditions and opportunities for accelerated development.


The system of passenger transport in Tashkent to be improved

Uzbekistan ranked 75-th in the ranking of the best football teams in the world

President of Uzbekistan appoints New Deputy Internal Affairs Ministers

Festival "Entertaining mathematics" kicks off in Tashkent

Senate of Oliy Majlis to hold fifth plenary session on March 31

Latvian NGO "Cleantech Latvia" opens office in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan issues new 50-thousand banknote



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